Looking for entertainment?

You've come to the right place. Just follow these simple steps to get started.

Get onboard

Avanti Media is only available on our trains. So hop on and get comfortable.

Connect to WiFi

Select Avanti_Free_WiFi in your settings.

Go to Avanti Media and Track My Train

Open avantimedia.uk in your browser or tap the ‘TV’ button in the Avanti West Coast app.

Got a question?

Why do I have to connect to Avanti Free WiFi first?

All our media content is stored locally on board the train, When connecting to the SSID Avanti Free WiFi this connects your device to the on board WiFi system to access the media but remember this is not internet access to the big World Wide Web!

The good news is, it doesn't use up your mobile data allowance and if you go through a tunnel or are in a poor connectivity area the Avanti Media is still available to view!

  1. Avanti Media and Track My train are only available on our trains. So hop on and get comfortable.
  2. Select Avanti_Free_WiFi in your settings.
  3. Open avantimedia.uk in your browser or tap the ‘TV’ button in the Avanti West Coast app.

What content is available on Avanti Media?

It's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the main event: we've launched Avanti Media, a brilliant new system offering complimentary entertainment and WiFi on board all our trains.

Our entertainment is jam packed with Hollywood blockbusters, brilliant Box Sets and catch up TV from ITV, not forgetting daily News, Weather and Newspapers. If you fancy something different, check out our Music channel, play a game or read a magazine. There is something for all!

How do I access Track My Train?

Track My Train enables customers to follow the progress of the train they're travelling on in real-time, using their own personal device. Simply connect to the onboard Wi-Fi and select the Track My Train icon on the Wi-Fi homepage. The tool auto-populates information relating specifically to the train journey you are currently on. The service will only work when you have connected to the onboard Wi-Fi, so please do not attempt to access it when you are offboard the train.

What if the train journey info is incorrect?

We always try to deliver the correct information for the journey you are travelling, however if you find this is incorrect or not available on train, please access the feedback button at the bottom of the Track My Train page and complete the quick survey to let us know.

How do I get back to the onboard Hub?

We've added a section called Onboard Hub in the Menu drop down where you can click on it to take you back to the main onboard Wi-Fi homepage to access other services.

Is Avanti Media free to use?

Avanti Media is a complimentary service to use on your tablet, phone or laptop - and won't eat up any of your mobile data.

Is Avanti Media available all trains?

Yes, we have launched the new Avanti Media entertainment to both Pendolino and Voyager trains

Which internet browsers do Avanti Media support?

We currently support the latest versions of:

  • Safari - iOS*, Mac OS
  • Google Chrome - Android, Windows, Mac OS
  • Firefox - Windows, Mac OS
  • Opera - Windows, Mac OS
  • Silk - Amazon Fire OS only

*For iOS (iPhone and iPad) you will need to have version 11.2 or above installed. We will prompt you if you don't have the right version, but generally, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and above can support iOS 11.2. If you have an older version you will still be able to read news, magazines and play games.

Can I watch on my Samsung device internet browser?

Unfortunately, not, but just open your Chrome browser and tap in avantimedia.uk and off you go!

Can I use Avanti Media when I'm off the train?

Unfortunately we can only license media content for passengers travelling on board our trains. However, when you next travel your device will remember where you were in the movie or TV show and you can *resume and play from where you left off.

*We do however refresh content regularly so if it's been a while since you last travelled, the content may have changed.

How often do you change content?

We like to keep the media portal update regularly as a guide we update News, Weather and Newspapers daily, Movies and TV monthly and Magazines weekly or monthly depending on publication.

Do you store cookies on my device?

A cookie will be placed on your device to allow us to remember where you are within the Movie or TV show that you're watching. So as long as you're on the same device, the next time you connect, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. Please check our Privacy Policy for details.

Having an issue accessing the Avanti Media Portal?

First check that you are connected to Avanti Free WiFi on your device settings. If you are, then Open avantimedia.uk in your browser or tap the ‘TV’ button in the Avanti West Coast app.

Still having an issue accessing the Avanti Media portal?

Sorry to hear this, please raise with your train manager or call our *McLaren support desk on Tel: 0333 000 2377

* The McLaren hours of support are Monday to Sunday 05:00-01:00. Calls are charged at a local call rate.

Can I view the Avanti West Coast Terms and Conditions?

Yes, of course. Click here to view our terms and conditions